What Women Do NOT Know About Money

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We women have a curious relationship with money. We want it, but we don’t want the ownership around it. Are we helping anyone by struggling with money issues? Making money, growing money and keeping money is a skill that is essential for us to learn for our own freedom and empowerment. How many of us have said things like: "Money is a man’s territory" "I don’t understand money, its too complicated and stressful" "If I take risks with money, I will lose everything" "I do not have money to do anything" "I hate asking my husband for money" Sounds familiar? Today we are earning more money independently than our mothers and grandmothers, right? Yet money remains the #1 cause of discord or disharmony in families. Untill we learn to move ourselves away from all the negative emotions like fear, shame, rebellion attached to money and learn to enjoy money for its own sake, we will always be broke. And that is the precise reason why we have created this program specifically for women. "What Women DO NOT Know about Money" is a one-day workshop that will teach you • To identify your relationship with money • Why you do not have enough money • To free your self from all inadequacies about money • The exact principles that wealthy women use to create wealth • To stop all the stress around money…whether it is the pattern of debts that you have , over spending, underspending, undervaluing • The world’s easiest and smartest money management system. DON’T LET OTHER PEOPLES FEARS OR REASONS INFECT YOU. If you really really want to make money, you have to commit….because otherwise you will find excuses. It is your duty and responsibility to make money…because only when you make money can you help millions of other people get rich too. And you have an entire generation looking up to you as a role model. Do the right thing. Make your commitment. Book now by clicking the 'tickets available' link on this event. We have limited seats only. TOGETHER-ENROLL-BRING-SWARM-ADD-FLOCK-WITH-TRUST-520

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ISB Road, Indian School of Business, ISB Road, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500032

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