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Umang 2017 Sagas untold, Stories unfold, Apathy Deceased, Umang Unleashed. It was in 1999 that the expectation and magnitude of Kolkata’s college fests changed forever, with the first-ever Umang. Since then, the city eagerly awaits for the most amazing fest experience. No wonder, Umang was voted as the 5th best fest across Asia in 2009. What’s so special about Umang? Through the silver of the clouds, above the crimson of the sun, voyaging atop the sapphire mystic oceans, surpassing hazel peaks, finding the Angels and Devils within, with a journey into the future and undergoing transformation, a wild goddess has travelled to the world unknown, reaching the wonderland. With over 50 events, 1000 participants and overwhelming audience; no other fest in Kolkata witnesses such a large congregation of youth. It’s truly the youth festival of the city. Celebrities like The Meet Brothers, Sunidhi Chauhan, Sunil Grover have graced the event with their arrival in the past, same being the expectation and need of this epitome of Wonderland. Welcome To Wonderland In days of darkness, with gloom she traveled, followed by shadows vile and foul. Imprisoned in structures unknown, subdued as pressures unfold, she wandered. Caged in a fraternity, that cut off her roots, she searched for a stage, to voice her spirit. A world where apathy ruled over vigor, a world where gloom governed over exuberance, and a world where darkness prevailed over light. But, could she really have been caged? Could her flight be put to a stop? Could her voice be unheard? With Umang, she took flight. Through the silver of the clouds, above the crimson of the sun, voyaging atop the sapphire mystic oceans, and surpassing the hazel peaks, did she travel. Cages broke, shackles shattered, and gloom punctured. She wandered to a kaleidoscopic world, where the rainbow colors spoke, where the saplings danced, and where boundaries merged to infinity. A new world unknown of the past and undaunted of the future, a reality unreal. She, the spirit of the youth, had arrived to new Realms beyond Realism, with Umang.


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5, Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani, Bhawanipur Education Society College Official - 700020

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    Jyoti Vishwakarma

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