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Provide funded monthly integrated educational workshops, that will through active learning cover specific English, Science, Performing &Visual Arts and Math skills across the school. Monthly 1 hour sessions with each class will be designed to cover specific learning objectives within the educational board (CBSE, ICSE or state) curricula. SOW’s for each standard being provided. Teachers will be invited to attend so that practical skill sharing &teacher training may be incorporated. The 12 month program will include a celebration (fair/exhibition/drama , excursion) of the students work. All participants will: Improve their spoken English skills. Learn to apply the scientific method of learning (critical thinking, research and experimentation) Understand how they have power and responsibility to impact on the world through their individual actions. Produce individual and pair/team work. Each workshop will have specific learning objectives, students and teaching being assessed. The course will be organised with the school and run throughout 2018-19 (Jan-Jam or academic year) Peshna may be contacted on:- 9645673273 Or Rajeev (Cherai Library President) may be contacted on 9388182865


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