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Join us as we discuss the trends, tactics and strategies that should be on your radar — and your to-do list — to ensure a successful 2017. We're mapping out the future of social media and you don't want to miss. We'll cover: - Digital marketing tips for success - Influential social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and more! When it comes to social media, the only constant is "change." And 2016 saw many major changes in the way social platforms function, how people interact with them and, most importantly, how sellers now connect with consumers. Don't get left behind. Now's the time to make sure your social strategies are in place for 2017. Get Connected: The 2017 Social Landscape at & - HYDERABAD Keeping up with social media isn’t easy. We know. We can say with utmost confidence that the only constant in social media lately has been change, making everyone’s lives just a little more hectic. Earlier this month, we hosted a social-centric webinar outlining the social media trends to look out for this year so that you, as e-commerce retailers and brands, can hit the ground running and ensure a successful 2017. 2016 was a big year for social media. It was the year that the lines between social media platform and video hosting platform blurred forever. The year that bots made their grand debut on messaging apps and the year that shopping online became a social action. Since its inception, the concept of social media has transformed into so much more than a simple means of keeping up with what your friends are doing — it’s become a place where many people digitally “live.” People are consuming their news, going shopping, ordering taxis and even virtually trying on lipstick on social media platforms. There’s no denying it — retailers are spending more on social media marketing than ever before, and with good reason. Ignoring social media as a revenue channel in this day and age is, and will continue to be, an unwise choice at best.


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HIG 139, APHB Colony, Bharath Nagar, Moosapet, Eeva Patent Services - 500018

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