Rudra Puja Shrawan Somvaar

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Shraavan is a special month for Shiva. During the auspicious month of Shravaan, it is believed that the Rudrapooja done during this time has a manifold effect on the sankalpas that we make. This Pooja is performed with a crystal “linga”. Each ancient mantra that is chanted gets absorbed in specific materials like curd, milk, ghee, honey etc. This is then offered to Shiva with reverence, love and gratitude. Specially trained Pandits perform this special pooja. The chanting of the mantras is so pure and meditative that it takes us to a different plane. All of you are invited on Sunday evening at Premalaya for this meditative experience. You have the option of taking sankalpa to remove obstacles in spiritual growth What is a Sankalpa? Sankalpa is the specific purpose for which you are getting the Pooja performed. The Pooja will be done in your name with your Sankalpa. Benefits of Sankalpa Sankalpas are taken for the sake of washing away ones sins and afflictions, for bringing peace, prosperity and happiness, along with family togetherness. Sankalpas bring so much peace and prosperity that more than 95% of people who have taken Sankalpas earlier continue to take Sankalpas every year.


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Premalaya, C-5, Sector-B, Mahanagar, Art of Living Lucknow - 226006

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    Ashish Khadpe

    Parsys Media

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