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If your child loves Lego, let the festivities begin. Full of Toys and Toylet bring a series of 12 workshops with working models of Lego with different elements of technology. These sessions will get children familiar with skills like problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and communication. It’s all fun and a lot of learning. Projects covered: Lego Story Starter - Lego Monkey - Lego Sphinx - Lego Vernie, the Robot - Lego Drumming Monkey - Lego City High Speed Train - Lego Gorilla - Lego Porsche Hybrid and Pit Lane - Lego Community Build - Lego Race Car Techniques covered: Use of motor, axles, tilt sensor, gears, motion sensor, lever, pulleys, writing algorithms / programming and Bluetooth. Schedule: 15th October, 2017 - 25th February, 2018 Choose a package of 6,8 or 10 days from our list of 12 days as per your convineance. Cost: Rs.7,000 for a package of 6 workshops Rs.8,500 for a package of 8 workshops Rs.10,000 for a package of 10 workshops Venue: Full of Toys – The Experience Store Age: 6 – 12 years Lego Story Starter: A kit that enables thinking and imagination encouraging children to imagine, create and tell stories. Lego Monkey: A robotic monkey that can crawl on the floor, climb and even go down the zipline on his own. Lego Sphinx: A dog-like creature that senses any number of obstacles and quickly changes movement accordingly. Lego Vernie, the Robot: A talking, driving and dancing robot that can sense color, motion and distance and act to your orders. Lego Drumming Monkey: A cute little motorised monkey that plays the drums to synchronised beats you would even dance to. Lego City High Speed Train: A motorized passenger train with an 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control to power around the curved tracks. Lego Gorilla: A Gorilla known to cause havoc by leaping on trucks, sending banana crates flying and breaking vehicles into half. Lego Porsche Hybrid and Pit Lane: Play out your own action-packed race day with the Porsche team with a vintage Porsche 917K against the modern 919 Hybrid that comes with assorted tools. Lego Community Build: A collaboration among children who together build various parts of a large Lego model. Lego Race Car: Get on to the race track with this Lego Race Car with motion sensor that starts and stops as it senses something ahead.

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27th Cross Road, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Jaya Nagar East, Jayanagar, Jayanagar East, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Jayanagar, Full of Toys - 123

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