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**A fun race where an adult teams up with a junior.** TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT USE THIS LINK: http://www.meraevents.com/event/junior-dash Its Rs 550 only per team of 2!. Runners, want to get a youngster motivated to run? Or maybe your child is already active in sports and you want to team up with them to get a taste of the thrill and satisfaction of running. Pair up with your son/daughter, or your favorite nephew/niece, or your grandchild, or any junior for that matter, form your own dream team of 2 and have loads of fun running and racing together! Date Tuesday, 11th Oct 2016, Dasara (School and office holiday, so no excuses!) at 6.30am. Venue Nataraj Society Ground, Near City Pride Kothrud Multiplex/ Near Pratidnya Hall, Pune Register Register Online at http://www.meraevents.com/event/junior-dash Its Rs 550 only per team of 2!. Registration Fee: Rs. 550/- per team of one adult and one junior (inclusive of all taxes). Includes: Manual timing, bib, on route water support, post run refreshments, finisher memento and lots of fun and excitement during and post-race! Categories (The category is determined by the age and sex of the junior member) Under 9 - Boys & Girls - Distance ~3K Above 9 and Under 12 - Boys & Girls - Distance ~3K Above 12 and Under 15 - Boys & Girls - Distance ~5K Above 15 and Under 18 - Boys & Girls - Distance ~5K Prizes Prizes will be given to the first 3 teams from each of the above 8 categories. Website: http://www.juniordash.com Rules * Each team consists of one adult above the age of 21 and one junior under the age of 18 and above the age of 6. It is not necessary for the team to be related to each other (eg: mother-son, father-son, father-daughter, etc). * The age of each team member is determined by his/her completed age as on the day of the event. * The category of each team is determined by the sex and age of the junior member of the team. * The finishing time of a team is determined by the last team member to cross the finish line. * A team is only eligible for prizes if both the team members cross the finish line together (within 3 seconds of each other). * For the safety of the junior member, it is compulsory for both the members to run together at all times. Contact For more information, send email to info@juniordash.com or call on 9011060401. FAQ Q. How do I register for this race? Register Online at http://www.meraevents.com/event/junior-dash For offline registrations (only in case online is not possible), please contact info@juniordash.com Q. Is it necessary that the junior member must be my own son/daughter? No, the junior member of the team can be anybody as long as he/she is below 18 years. It can be your own son/duaghter, your favorite nephew/niece, your grandchild, or any junior for that matter. Q. How can I become associated with this event?? If you are interested in associating with this event as a sponsor, exhibitor, etc, send mail to info@juniordash.com Q. How can I do group registrations from a school/class/college? Send us email on info@juniordash.com for group registrations. Q. How can I promote this event at my society/school/college/class/etc? Send us email on info@juniordash.com so we can send you some flyers, etc. Someone from our team may even come and talk about the event and take registrations.

For more information visit : http://www.meraevents.com/event/junior-dash


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Pratidnya Hall - 411052

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    Ashish Khadpe

    Parsys Media

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