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3 + 2 days Advanced Online Interactive Workshop on IoT. This course is the final part of a two-course sequence: IoT Certification Course Level-1 and IoT Certification Course Level-2. Together, they are designed to help people with no prior exposure to electronics, computer science or programming learn to think from IoT perspective and develop IoT solutions to tackle real time business challenges. In this course, we have chosen to focus on depth rather than breadth of IoT. The goal is to provide students with a brief introduction on developing a functional "thing" which can collect and send data to designated cloud so they will have practical experience on how to build a solution prototype to address one or more business challenges. The course focuses on 2 days practical session on engineering a simple "thing" prototype. A kit with necessary electronic components will be shipped to you in next five business days. Day - 4 (Duration : 4 to 5 hours) 1) Basics of Electronics 2) Basics of Electronics Components and Sensors 3) Understanding the Kit 4) Introduction to Arduino IDE and Programming Structures 5) Arduino - "Hello World" 6) Understanding Data Sheets 7) Connecting Sensors and Fetching Values 8) Questions and Answers - Tasks to Complete Day - 5 (Duration : 4 to 5 hours) 1) Introduction to Cloud 2) Connecting node to Cloud (3G and Wifi) 3) Sending data to Cloud 4) Introduction to Analytics 5) Business Solution Development 6) Quick Case StudyIo 7) Questions and Answers - Tasks to Complete 8) Project Work Each participant will receive a kit with electronic parts for supporting day 4 & day 5 learnings.

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41, Diamond Hills, Anjali Gardens, Puppalaguda, IoTiam - 500089

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    Ashish Khadpe

    Parsys Media

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