Capoeira: Brazil’s unique blend of Martial art and Dance

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Capoeira (pronounced kapu'-vera) is a Brazilian martial art that was invented by slaves to disguise fighting with dance. Today it’s seen as a beautiful and soulful form of art sought after all over the world. Combining elements of Dance, Music and Acrobatics, practicing Capoeira improves your strength, flexibility and reflexes as well as gracefulness and balance. The philosophy of Capoeira is about how to creatively overcome challenges thrown at you instead of resisting them with force. Fast-Fun-Fact: Did you know that Capoeira is the national sport of Brazil? :-) Capoeira @ Good Vibes Classes at Center of Good Vibes will be taken by Minitor Shiva who's certified by the Mumbai-based Centre for Capoeira India which is affiliated to the International Capoeira Group Cordao de Ouro. Though there's no formal structure to a class, a typical class starts with playing and singing music followed by warm up exercises, which include stretches and sometimes imitating movements inspired by animals (somewhat like yoga). This is followed by actual capoeira movements and practicing a series of movements put together, called sequence. Also balance is a key element, hence inversions (handstands, cart wheels, etc) are practiced frequently. A key element of capoeira is interaction! Best described as a non-violent martial art, Capoeira is referred to as a game and is 'played' and not fought, so the emphasis lies on coordinating and synchronising with the other player rather than just trying to take him/her down. "Rather than a fight, it's a dialogue between two people" Says Professor Baba, founder of Centre for Capoeira India. Understanding Culture and History! Also, Capoeira goes beyond just physical training and actively trains the brain as well for, as a part of the training, every student also must learn to play the music (instruments) and sing (in Portuguese). "The vibrant, live music and interacting with other people is liberating and tends to have a transforming effect on people and unlike other workouts, capoeira leaves you feeling not just light-footed but also light-hearted." So if you are musically inclined and are looking for a fun way to work out, relieve stress and get fit, Welcome to Capoeira! This class is for Ages 14+ Kids class to be announced soon When: Fridays, 6.30 PM Onwards Where: Center of Good Vibes, Productive Minds Montessori, Gahlot Farms, Sector 47, Gurgaon Commercials: INR 2000/- (Monthly) INR 750 (Drop-in Class) For Details and Registration, Contact: Anish Mob: 9930318282 Email:


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Productive Minds Preschool, Gahlot Farms, Sector 47, Center of Good Vibes - 122001

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